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George V

Interesting, and seems to me, a good idea. Long range OTH anti-ship capability, with short reaction time for the target making it harder to shoot down.
But the use of such a weapon depends on knowing the target is there. So, how to do that? In light of the direction the Chinese seem to be going with long range AA missiles, airborne radar planes seem to be getting more vulnerable. Maybe what's needed is a drone swarm - lots of small sensors feeding data to the anti-ship missiles. Would be hard to find and destroy much of the swarm.
But that's just me - I'm no expert!

LT Rusty

Back in the 90's, an LSD got credited with a gun kill against an FFG in wargames during predeployment workups. Seems they had their Marine element embarked--or at least that's what they claimed, since they'd have them on the deployment itself. They lowered the ramp, pointed their ass at the FFG, and shot the hell out of it with an M1.


I would think a large missile with a high trajectory would be relatively easy to shoot down these days, even at Mach 3.

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