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You have led a pretty cool life, there, Arthur!


Nice video even if I'm not as big a fan of the A4. Nice and agile but maybe lacking capability compared to other attack aircraft. I do like the Israeli variant though.

Captain Ned

Toughskins. Yeah, I was stuck with those for much longer than I should have.

A-4, a/k/a Scooter.


SFC Dunlap 173RVN

I'd have taken an toughskin ass whooping to hang out with a member of the Blue Angels!

Mark Morgan

I met then-CAG Less at Whidbey during the summer of '76, mentioned I had his autograph on my wall (ie, a Blue Angels poster sent by team PAO/event coordinator Jim Bauer while I was in NROTC at UNM). He was rather startled...

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