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SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

F-111 gave THE best buzz job ever at a CAF Airsho in Harlingen, TX. late 80's. full AB's and couldn't have been more than 10' off the deck. I've had really gooduns too but hat took the cake, heat blumes burned my neck a bit. Great memories!!!!

Captain Ned

Their other "move" was to use the burners to light a fuel dump from the dump tube, which exits between the engine exhausts. The Aussies particularly loved this bit of display.

Tommy H. Thomason

Those blast deflectors might not have worked for the F-14 either. Note that one of the launches was inadvertently but successfully made with military thrust only. That may be why there is a man on some launches who appears to be signaling that the afterburners are lit. Also see http://thanlont.blogspot.com/2011/01/f-111b-versus-f-14a-one-more-time.html


Anyone know what is the function of the hatch, open to the left of, and slightly above, the port nose LG door? Visible at 12:59-13:05. Is that for pilot access? It appears to only be on port side of aircraft. Just curious.

PS I worked as an engineer at NSWCDD (Dahlgren), and we had one of the F-111B fuselages (perhaps this one) in our "airplane park" where we stored obsolescent aircraft for use in lethality testing. It was eventually shipped out by truck after a failed attempt to lift by a CH-53. Unsure where it was taken.

LT Rusty

@Tommy H. Thomason- interestingly, Tomcats couldn't be operated off MIDWAY and CORAL SEA, due to their size. I'd always thought it was something about the elevators or overhead clearance in the hangar deck... but the JBD explanation makes as much sense, if not even more.


Here is a link to Tomcats flying on Coral Maru, https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SGYUNMqSGnI

Just CQ ops, notice no tanks, probably only taking 12K of fuel. Somewhere around 56K on the cat.

Shooters calculate an end speed which is a function of WOD (wind over deck) and CSV (cat steam pressure).

JBDs don't look water cooled but seem high enough.

I'm just a geek about the F14, spent a lot of time fixing those jets.


There wasn't enough thrust in all Christendom to fix the thing anyway.

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