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SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

Triple Nickel 555th Infantry (Airborne) an all Negro unit spent the war pioneering forest fighting. All the Way!!!!


When i was stationed at Lewis in 03-05 doing the AC/RC job, one of our missions was to be peprared to liaise with, manage, and supervise units that were provided for fire fighting. We had to get NIFC "red-card" certified at basic fire fighting techniques that we might have to supervise. Even the training was hard! Never had to do it for real, but a couple of the other captains did.

Paul L. Quandt

As a USAF survival instructor, I had a Forest Service crew boss card. If needed, we would lead our students ( officers up to O-5 and NCOs ) as fire fighting teams. Fortunately it never happened during my time.

Paul L. Quandt

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