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SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

Gosh I watched many episodes of The. It Picture when much younger. Bet those are M-60/M-60A1’s. Esli has aged well from when that turret pix was taken.

Paul L. Quandt

Thanks for a ' blast from the past '.

Those white name tags and non-subdued rank emblems on the helmets sure made good targets.

Paul L. Quandt


That video was good. Much better than that other monstrosity. Funny how much things are the same, even though they are much different. Glad I never had to chastise a wife tor terrorizing the locals in the T Bird.

Odd to see 8 Up!


The music still sucks. Did Tin Pan Alley fob all it's junk onto the armed forces?

Also, did armored officers really gad about in those ascots? Really?

Finally, the Brylcreem company must have been very happy with product placement. Standards certainly have changed since them.

...Still didnt see any tanks blow stuff up. Where's the fun in that? :)


"did armored officers really gad about in those ascots? Really?"

Really. Armored wore gold, infantry wore blue, other branches wore their branch colors. Also note nothing in the pockets to break the svelte lines of the well-starched fatigues, cotton sateen, OG107. And note the impressively straight gig lines.

I have only seen that mythical beast, the Bn. Co. once, at a distance during a change of command ceremony. Interesting to see one in his native habitat.

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