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Technically it is called "pyrophoric effect" not sparkle, but I suppose that doesn't sound quite the same. Regardless, better to have watched it live than to have just ETS'd like me.

ron snyder

Nice Post. Doesn't seem that long though does it? I remember wondering why we did not destroy all enemy forces that were on that Highway.

3rd Army has a great history -my Father was in 3rd Army w/Patton during WWII. Dad had mentioned that he was in a photograph with Patton in either Look or Time. Someone in our family had a copy of that issue that made Dad smile. I remember Dad saying that he had a high regard for Patton.


If we had occupied Iraq in 1991 instead of 2003 - assuming the coalition went along with it, which is a huge IF since that's not what they signed up for - would we have done a better job?

Diogenes of NJ

The thing I remember about DS I is that Saddam was flinging Scuds into Saudi Arabia. You may remember when he got lucky and hit the Marine barracks. Patriot was shooting them down (or not) - but the point was Saddam may have thought we were and held off on launching more. Then this POS Ted Postol (MIT) goes on WGBH in Boston and comes up with a dozen reasons why Patriot in ineffective against Scuds and the Army is making the whole thing up.

I'd like to meet Ted on a cruise ship that was underway and see it he'd like to view the ocean from the sponson deck.

Found this chronology: http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/news/index/iraq/nirq050.htm

T Ellis

In an archive somewhere sits the power plant logs of the USS Francis Scott Key, and in those logs during patrol 69 are entries in the rector operator, electrical operator and throttleman logs that read "commenced war" in that same patrol there were later entries that read "secured war." One entry being the sum total of my contribution to that war, things seemed simple then.

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