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Note to self - do not attend air shows if the Thunderbirds prioritize diversity.

Rammmmmstein... ein Flammenmeer...


Pave Low John

I've had a shitty attitude towards the Thunderbirds ever since they made us land early at an airshow because they were getting ready to practice their walk-out for the next day. Our MH-53 was right in the middle of giving a short flight around the pattern to some Make-A-Wish Foundation kids and those assholes made us cut it short and only give half the kids (with terminal conditions, of course) a fam ride. I was pretty pissed and was ready to walk over and let those fuckers have it, but my mission commander calmed me down before I got out of the helo.

By the way, the same kind of situation arose the following year (it was at Offutt AFB in Nebraska, back in 2000) with the Blue Angles and they told that crew, "No worries, take your time, we can wait".

So fuck the Thunderturds, they can kiss my ass. Most useless group of douchebags ever assembled, bar none....


" I was pretty pissed and was ready to walk over and let those fuckers have it".

John, I would have paid good money to watch that happen. That was a dick move on their part.

P.S. They specifically insist on more non-white applicants, and total applications go down. Short doesn't understand why. Short isn't very bright, is he?

ron snyder

But he is PC Casey. Mores the pity.

Paul L. Quandt

Put the USAF back under control of the US Army.


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