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Not saying I was ever in imminent danger of being selected for a Rhodes Scholarship , but I do know folks who went that track . They ended up being some good officers , and good academics. In my personal opinion though, we need to regain focus on commissioning warriors. If, by chance, they also happen to be scholars, well that's just gravy on top. Be a warrior first though.

W. Fleetwood

Heaven forbid Princess Megan should ever have to ever do any icky soldier things, she might chip a nail! The Army will "move some things around" for our precious little snowflake? Of course they will, because she's a Diversity Princess, and Diversity Princesses get what they want, and the mission of the Army can go hang. Yes. I feel so much safer knowing she's out there on freedoms frontier. (Which has apparently moved to Dublin.)

Diogenes of NJ

Maybe when she gets back from Ireland she'll be eligible for a sabbatical. I just hope that when the real war starts (what time is it now?) the pretend warriors are taken out (one way or another). A pipe dream, I admit; for as history proves the pretend warriors rise to the positions that get the real warriors killed.

Be all that you can be (in someone else's Army if you don't mind).


I for one favor rank favoritism, sexual politics, nepotism and political influence instead of a rigid system combined with rank etc. etc. In Chaos is opportunity/ism.

Hope and change!

Ah Youth....


I doubt there'll be much soldiering going on at a college in Dublin and my opinion is time soldiering is exactly what a newly minted officer needs above all else.

Broadening education and perspective should be additive to soldiering, certainly not prior to learning the down and dirty of the trade.

But I'm old.


A 2LT in the army right now has a 0.7% chance of making BG (if you remind me, I'll send you a nice PowerPoint to that effect). This officer has just significantly reduced her chances of making major, let alone anything else. Having had on the order of sixty platoon leaders, twenty company XOs and fifteen CO CDRs work for me, what this officer needs to do is spend four solid years as a lieutenant in leadership jobs in a unit where she becomes well-grounded in leadership, troop leading procedures, maintenance, property accountability administrivia and both the tactics and doctrine of her assigned branch. These are the building blocks of an entire career and cannot be replaced or caught up upon at the captain's career course. There is time for sidelines after you have mastered the profession. Not in lieu of it.




The next time Sec. Carter appears before a committee of Congress and moans about needing more money for critical items X, Y, or Z I hope someone asks him why sending 2nd Lieutenants off to foreign graduate schools to learn "International Development" is more important than X, Y, or Z.

SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

Well said Esli!! I hate to say this but I believe your 2d higher career calling would be Chief of OPM.

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