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Well, that made my day and it's been a pretty rough day world wide.


LT Rusty


Captain Ned

Oy vey. A better part of me hopes that that is satire, but the realist/cynic in me knows better. That is not going to be a pretty blanket party.


I feel sorry for the kid.


"and I sincerely hope your son gets taken care of. He deserves it."

...And I'm betting our friend had a very evil smile on his face when he typed that...


I wanted to kill her before I got halfway down. I commend your restraint, sir


Reminds me of the time I sent a buddy's kid a care package while at PI. It was full of Andes mints and I had written on the package to his DI's to be sure and put them on their pillows at night before telling them a bed time story. Had to welcome him to the Corps proper like.

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