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ron snyder

Given Beria's history it would be a shocker if he was not involved in Stalin's death. Unfortunate that Roosevelt was on his last legs at Yalta else we may have ended the War in a much better position vis-a-vis the Soviet Union.

Captain Ned

If only it had been done 20 years earlier.

LT Rusty

Ron, you're absolutely right. If Roosevelt had the good grace to go away a few years earlier, we'd have definitely been in a better position WRT the Soviets.


"If Roosevelt had the good grace to go away a few years earlier"

Careful, there. Henry Wallace was VP Jan. 1941-Jan. 1945. He would lhave been worse

LT Rusty

You're right, Tim. He would have been worse. But not for very long. With Roosevelt unavailable to rein in Donovan, I suspect that the OSS would have solved the Wallace issue on a very permanent basis. They were not big fans of the Vice President.

Paul L. Quandt

LT Rusty:

Do you really think that Bill would have capped Wallace?


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