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This guy is a clown.


I do not understand how he has gotten this far. He's vile.


So I wonder how that would play out? Impeached, or Coup d'stat?

Also, was the, "They're not gonna refuse me," a boast or a threat?

At this point Gary Johnson has my vote. I can't with any conscience vote either party.

Diogenes of NJ

We currently have a CINC who has little regard for constitutionality or any other measure of legality. I wish for all levels of government to be bound by the rule of law. The rub is that the law is subject to interpretation. There is little in Bret Baier's background that would qualify him to render such an interpretation. More likely he is looking to sensationalize any statement that he can elicit from Trump based on FOX's list of hot button issues. We should refuse to be played by the establishment and the establishment media. If a Trump President were to engage in outright slaughter on K street, I would applaud. (Yes Virginia, I am that bitter.)


The other presumptive nominee used an unauthorized computer network to hide from the electronic records regulations her husband signed into law in order to conceal her influence peddling while Secretary of State. Knowingly receiving thousands of pieces of classified information in violation of criminal Federal statutes, and compromising some of the most closely held secrets the US has (SAP) to our enemies.

Even more astonishing.


I don't think that that third -- or indeed the majority -- of the GOP practice or hold principles consistent with the Declaration and the Constitution. Based on the interactions and conversations I have with my fellow Nebraskans, nearly all of whom identify as conservative and Republican, I believe that nearly all of them would be just fine with shredding the Constitution so long as it was "their side" doing it. That two-facedness really bothers me. At least the demoncrats are honest about wanting to destroy it.


This should surprise nobody. The orange-skinned, weasel-haired tumescent assclown also didn't know what the nuclear triad was and claimed that getting hit by an IED while riding in an up-armored Humvee was just "going for a little ride". His ignorance regarding matters of war is boundless.


All you people who think Trump is a clown who is ignorant of the military and the laws of war...

You'd rather let Hillary or Bernie sit in the command chair?

They are as ignorant as Trump, and worse yet, they hate the military and don't want America to win.

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