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LT Rusty

That was a fun little run right there. First 12 minutes I got absolutely nothing done except getting hammered by the Sweaty Llamas. Those guys were pretty good, especially the one that I killed first in the video.

You only see the last couple minutes of his life there, but Brad and I, and my son, had been in a running fight with him and the other two for almost the whole game to that point. I'd already flushed my torpedo tubes 6 or 7 times at that guy, without a single hit to show for it. The three of them were spread out, but keeping interlocking arcs of sensor capability, which meant that we couldn't get close enough to launch with a decent PK from outside the sensor range of one. Every time we'd get close, just BOOM, all three of them would light us up instantly.

It wasn't until they had a tastier target - the carrier - that I was able to actually get up on that guy. I mean, it sucked for the carrier, but hey- he wasn't doing anything useful anyway. His main function in that battle was that to be a target other than me.

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