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I never realized how tough the terrain in the Kahuku Training Area was until I went there to OC 3/25 IBCT. That is some crazy terrain there. Watching the guys slowly cover up with red clay and sweat as they went up and down the hills was tiring me out!


I remember trying to explain to you, something like 25 years ago, just how awful the terrain was there, and just how grueling being a lightfighter was in the Kahukus.

I'm glad you finally got to see it first hand.


Twenty-five years ago, I would have been somewhat dismissive because I could have hung much better back then. I've declined significantly since then... Walking off the DZ to the first BN objective with the training unit a couple weeks ago, I was floored with the size rucksacks these guys were carrying these days.

I say this even though I can still run most guys half my age into the ground.

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