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Mark Morgan

"the Intruder may have been ugly, but it got the job done."


ex- VA-52, VA-42


Mark, my coauthor here, Jason, sent me a copy of your magnificent operational history of the A-6. And it included some notes of your interview with my father, Art Barie, of his time in VA-35 during their first combat cruise in 1966-67.

Many thanks to you and Rick for such a wonderful work.

Mark Morgan

You're more than welcome and thanks for the complement. I was thrilled I was able to interview your father when I had the chance. Moving back to Whidbey in mid '96 to care for my parents made it a lot easier to track down and talk with him and many of the other legends of the medium attack community.


I've always liked the look of the A6 and the more bombs slung under the wings, the better.


Fighter Pilots make movies.

Attack Pilots make history!

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