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How was my day, you ask? Getting ready to fly out on a battalion air assault. On the way to set up in PZ posture in a couple of minutes. After that, it will turn into a long movement -to-daylight attack. The bad part is that it is cold and 0230. I am trying out new PVS-20 night vision goggles, though, which are pretty nice.

On the other hand, my grandad was aircrew on a Privateer when they disappeared in 1947. Glad to see one still air-worthy.


FAA says it's a P4-Y2.

LT Rusty

PB = Patrol Bomber. P = Patrol.

Navy stopped calling them bombers after a while. That's why the FAA calls it a P4Y-2. Probably everyone outside the USG knows them as PB4Y-2.

SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

Thank you Esli, the description of your operation refreshed my enjoying my retirement...don't miss the "suck." Bless you Oberst.

Joey Jo Jo Jr.

One of the old Hawkins & Powers air tankers?


Yep. If you google the registration (N871RG, I think) there's a pretty detailed history of it.


My dad flew PB4Y-2's out of Okinawa at the end of WW2 in VPB-124. "Gear Down and Locked": you can see the Hal Olsen noseart on the internet.

How long is that PB4Y-2 gonna be out there and where is it going next?


I believe it's at Chino this weekend for the Planes of Fame air show, but after that, I'm guessing it's back to its home base.

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