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SFC Dunlap 173d RVN



"Best if used before Dec 22 1997".

Check the dates. Always check the dates.


A biscuit bomb. At Graf back in the 80s we had a new 2LT in our GP small. He put a can of Ham Slices (for those who remember C-rats) on the pot belly and didn't put a hole in the top. The rest of us were already asleep but were awakened by the explosion. It scattered bits of ham and shards of can all over the tent. We never let him forget that he tried to frag all of us with a Ham grenade.

Captain Ned

Reminds me of the scene from M*A*S*H with Hawkeye, Hot Lips, and a C-rat can of beans on a stove.


Alternate caption: "View inside the RNC"

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