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Even Lemay visited the Navy. Yeah, the guy that said "The Soviet Union is the opponent. The enemy is the Navy."


Lots to see here- the Ray Gun is marked NG for CVW-9; the others are VA-85 Buckeyes from CVW-11 (NH) off Kitty Hawk. It doesn't look like any of them have external stores. Its also transition period from black radomes to natural color.


Yep. I suspect it was just after or just before a line period. But that's just a guess. I'm hoping to check the logbooks next week.

Incidentally, VA-85 was actually Dad's first squadron command. They lost the CO and XO within the space of about a week, and as Ops, Dad was next senior. They actually went on to win the Battle E. He was very proud of that. That was back when they were in A-1s, before they transitioned to A-6s.


I don't care what anyone says. Intruders were a good looking aircraft.
I didn't know your dad was rotary qualified too.


He wasn't. But they'd let him sit in the copilot's seat, and hold the controls once in a while. Gotta get 4 hours a month to secure flight pay.

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