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Diogenes of NJ

Baltic ROE should permit special illuminator assignment. I would have had illuminators on any Ruskie inside of 10 miles. I heard that they've done it two days in a row now. Come back with a bag of Pop-Secret Ivan and I'll take care of that for you.

LT Rusty


Too bad Ivan doesn't use more solid-state electronics...


During a training session once at Dam Neck, I heard, possibly urban legend, that the CO of USS SoCar CGN-37 once illuminated some too-eager then-Soviet pilots who immediately gave up the antics and departed post haste. Probably soiled themselves. But if true, damn ballsy. Supposedly "lighting 'em up" is now an act of war. Too damn bad. God forbid we should violate RoE. I'm surprised obongo won't bow, and apologize to, Putin for being in the Baltic at all.

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