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LT Rusty

Where's Sports Authority come into it?


Rusty, if you follow the link to the Pasadena Star News, the story is primarily about Sports Chalet and the category of retailers.

The shutdown sale at the local Sports Chalet was very disappointing for my sister. She noted that the prices were so high that the markdowns only brought them in line with what she could get online easily. "Why do you suppose they went under?" I asked her.

It was similar with the Haggens supermarket chain that came and went so fast in the CA region. The prices were horrible and they lacked any notable specialty goods or services, so they didn't do much business. When the store contents were being cleared out the prices were typically only comparable to what the local competition had every week. It wasn't until it got down to the last 30% or so of the merchandise that the markdowns were interesting.

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