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Well remember the night I got the word. I had been away form my computer all day and there was an email form Bill Tuttle, then in the Rick Pile on a USAF contract, telling me about it. Felt like a punch in the gut.

I lost my father, USAF Korea vet 25 years ago last December.

2 weeks ago I came upon a motorcycle accident on US 441 a bit north of Franklin, NC, literally seconds after it happened. An Army vet made a wrong move and tried to pass a big rig on the right, going down hill on a curve. Bright, sunny morning, dark bike and clothes in the shadow of the rig and the trucker pulled over on him.

IIRC, you lost you father in 2007, The Armorer lost his in 2009.

I hope the memories have been more sweet than bitter.


Bill Brandt at the Lexicans has been posting a Lex piece each day from his personal archives. Its been wonderful to read them and look forward to them each day. I especially appreciate it as my two oldest are now of an age that they can enjoy Lex's writing and understand his more subtle meanings. Its like introducing my kids to a long lost friend, and I'm happy they are getting to know his writings despite the loss of his blog.

ron snyder

Yes Sir, Lex is still serving.

Nice to have you on this side of the State QM. I was over in your neck of the woods last week.

NaCly Dog

I miss his wit and wisdom. I wonder what he would say about today's world.

LT Rusty

I've got a thing in San Diego in July. I'm going to have to make time for a visit to Shakespeare's, I think.

Guinness, for strength. Jameson's, for courage.


I'm guessing Mary isn't going to have any more meet ups. Can't blame her. Life goes on and she has to move on. Lousy thing to have happen to nice girl.

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