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just frank

Sort of like saying Happy Good Friday. People aren't good at reality.


Excellent. For the 33 men I know who died involved with Naval Aviation and my Great-Uncle Bill; who I never knew; the last of my family to die in action; with the 45th ID at Anzio.

Lance McCormick

Amen. One of my biggest pet peeves. It's just tacky and thoughtless, though in a naive way.


I also find "thank you for your service" cringe-worthy.

SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

Well said.

Diogenes of NJ

Our countrymen live in a fools paradise. I desire neither their congratulation nor their sympathy. All I desire is the knowing quite company of my comrades and shipmates (alive and dead) that will allow me to reflect.


In a nation with more than 300 million, many of which are completely ignorant of the meaning of this day, or the sacrifices that led to it, I am not bothered by those that misunderstand or offer a presumably heartfelt expression of good will on this day. I guess I'd rather have them ignorant but try, rather than neglectful.

With regards to "thank you for your service", my problem with that stems from my inevitably awkward reply to their sincere thanks, rather than their thanks itself.


Amen. Brings to mind something posted a few years ago by fellow vet Tom McCuin:

Dear USA,

Monday is Memorial Day. It is the day we honor our war dead, those warriors who gave what Lincoln called, “the last full measure of devotion.” Enjoy your barbecues, your mattress sales, and your community pool openings, but remember you do so because those honored dead made it possible. Please do not offer your thanks to me or any other living veteran. It is not our day. We came home carrying our shields; they came home carried on theirs. Memorial Day the day we raise our glasses to absent comrades. Thank me and my living brothers-in-arms (and sisters, too) on Tuesday. But on Monday, turn your thoughts to the gardens of stone around the globe. See you at Section 60.


Memorial Day is a day of mourning.
Any mention of "holiday", "sale", "celebrate", and "happy" does not pair with mourning.


The celebratory days are Armed Forces Day and Veteran's Day.

The first because while being thanked is kind of embarrassing, at least people are trying nowadays. They didn't used to.

The second because, well we made it. Let's have a drink!

The wife only mostly understands why I'm grumpy and irritable on Memorial day.



Yeah, same here.


I don't consider "Happy Memorial Day" making the effort.


Considering, for me it is all hypothetical as, to the best of my recollection, I've never been wished a happy Memorial Day, and the whole thing is one step from false internet meme outrage anyway... The people I associate with know the difference and respect it. The people that don't are probably not the people I hang out with, anyway. That said, I'm not the holiday police and I really don't care if they were to wish me well incorrectly on that day. I don't in any way mean to disparage the day, but I've got too much real stuff to worry about than to get worked up over some knuckleheads. Now that I've typed this all up, I'll amend it to say that I've seen more people worked up over other people supposedlly observing Veteran's Day or Memorial Day "incorrectly" than I have actually seen people doing so. I don't even expect anybody to exert any effort on my behalf for Memorial Day, so I won't judge them for not doing so, or for doing so wrongly, though if it seemed appropriate in this hypothetical situation, I might make the correction. What I probably would do would be to graciously accept their well-wishes as they intended.


By knuckleheads, I mean those in society, not anybody posting here.



It happened to me, hypothetically, of course, twice yesterday. Perhaps living near an Ivy League college is a contributor, but it is hardly "a false internet meme outrage". YMMV.


Nov. 11 is still Armistice Day to me. I don't take change well.


Please, do not wish me, or anyone else a "Happy Memorial Day".



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