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ron snyder

I think that we would get our butt kicked by the Rooskies.

Diogenes of NJ

Russian artillery maintains an approximate 3:1 size advantage over the Army’s artillery, and they have a capability advantage as well with their use of dual-purpose improved conventional munitions and submunitions. For the Army to be competitive, the DoD must repeal then-Secretary of Defense Robert Gates’ 2008 directive to comply with the provisions of the Ottawa Treaty, which resulted in the removal of all submunitions from the Army’s inventory.

Gates, his boss and all of the service secretaries should be hanged for TREASON.


Gates commented on Trump's foreign policy chops. I quit listening to Gates long ago. After his denigration of BSA, he's utterly dead to me.

It's a shame we can't make him dead to everyone. It's the least we could do to reward him in the way his "service" merits.


Interesting read. We have implemented several things that are being done in Ukraine but the rotational units are generally overwhelmed by too many factors here at JMRC. I forwarded the article on to my captains for reading and comment. Curious what they will say.


One person I shared that article with sent back an article from Politico saying that Army leaders were overstating the threat in a cynical bid for more money for the army. You know, because it wouldn't be about a real world threat. Of no surprise, one of the sources was USAF former GO Deptula who said that the Army would never be "outranged or outgunned" because it always had the USAF...


Need need more/better air defense or air denial, more/bigger artillery(its all-weather and a lot harder to intercept) ,or (even bigger wishful thinking here) a way to cancel out an enemies air denial, need more troops in general, need more logistics and Navy to get our more arty where it needs to go. And probably, just for good measure need to disband the air force.


The Ottowa treaty prohibits only anti-personnel mines. It became effective in 1999.
I suspect you are probably thinking of the Convention On Cluster Munitions (CCM). The US is not a party to that convention, and I can't find where Gates directed compliance with it. In any case, the Convention excepts certain types of Cluster Munitions;

"2. “Cluster munition” means a conventional munition that is designed to disperse or release explosive submunitions each weighing less than 20 kilograms, and includes those explosive submunitions. It does not mean the following:
(a) A munition or submunition designed to dispense flares, smoke, pyrotechnics or chaff; or a munition designed exclusively for an air defence role;
(b) A munition or submunition designed to produce electrical or electronic effects;
(c) A munition that, in order to avoid indiscriminate area effects and the risks posed by unexploded submunitions, has all of the following characteristics:
(i) Each munition contains fewer than ten explosive submunitions;
(ii) Each explosive submunition weighs more than four kilograms;
(iii) Each explosive submunition is designed to detect and engage a single target object;
(iv) Each explosive submunition is equipped with an electronic self-destruction mechanism;
(v) Each explosive submunition is equipped with an electronic self-deactivating feature;"


What I did find is that Gates (meaning the US, of course) implemented a new policy;

"On 9 July 2008, the US Department of Defense released a new policy stating that by the end of 2018, the US will no longer use cluster munitions that result in more than 1% unexploded ordnance (UXO).[23] Until 2018, effective immediately, use of cluster munitions that exceed the 1% UXO rate must be approved by the Combatant Commander.[24] The government has stated that the 10-year transition period “is necessary to develop the new technology, get it into production, and to substitute, improve, or replace existing stocks.”[25]"


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