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I'm not sure of the history of that quote but where it is carved on the wall of the visitors' center at the ABMC cemetery at Normandy, it is attributed to GEN Mark Clark. I just took some pictures of it in March but alas I am in Switzerland right now... I'm sure a couple of minutes with Google would trace the history but I don't have that time. Family and all, you know.


But, I agree that the cemeteries that I have been to are all incredible.


Sie sind im Schwiez? Warum? Checking on your secret un-numbered account? :-)

My father wanted to go to at least one when we were in Germany. He older brother had been killed in Korea at Chosen Reservoir and she insisted we not go. I would have liked to have gone to the one my father wanted to see at Hamm, Luxembourg.


Tourism. Purely tourism. One of my last trips before I leave Germany in July.


Luxembourg has an amazing cemetery. Landscaping is great. I think that there are two MOH recipients and definitely Patton.

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