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SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

Fabulous choice, best thing since the 90mm Recoiless Rifle. The projectile choices with the Gustav allow for the widest choice relative to tactical need(s). Much applause.


Excellent, I always thought it would make more sense to carry a launcher like the Gustav with shells or rockets to reload than multiple bulky disposable launchers like the AT-4.

Joey Jo Jo Jr.

An off-the-shelf, non-developmental weapons system that's combat proven?

Nah, we can't adopt systems like that. Where are all the joint service shoot offs, congressional meddling, contractor protests and lawsuits, and half-informed media exposes?

All those things are past us? Now, on to similar adoptions of combat-proven pistols and carbines... nah, that's just the booze talking.

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