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Well that wasn't very cool. Of course I've seen similar behavior within the game environment that I play. IS PC your only platform or do you have a console?

Whats the old adage? Friendly Fire....isn't.


Wow. Someone needs an arsewhupping.


Yeah, But Rusty did call in to question about Flase Bob's.
Them's fightin words.

I am surprised how little the punishment was.
He should have received negative experience on that.


I will have to admit my ignorance and ask, what is a flase bob? I can find no hits on the webs for the term.


The offending players name is "The_One_Ture_Bob"
and that's not a typo


Ah...now I get it.

LT Rusty


I do have Wii / PS3 / PS4, but my son's the filthy console peasant more than me. I tend to do my gaming on the PC.

And, yeah, I admit that I was poking at him a bit about how his name was misspelled. I guess when you're dumb enough to misspell your own name, you're probably not going to react well to being called out on it. :D

Incidentally, somehow I managed to miss out on including the real pull quotes in the video. It was late at night - almost 3am - when I was editing that.

Here's a picture of the stuff that I left out.


LT Rusty

Oh: I suspect that the reason his name is misspelled is because it costs real money to change your name in-game, and he probably doesn't want to spend it.


Um, "my level 8" game?? Luser.

BTW how much money does it take, out of curiosity?

?? Since when are italics and boldface disabled?

LT Rusty

The game itself is free to play, but any sorts of extras cost real money.

If I remember correctly, it costs 1,500 "gold" to change your name. That's an in-game currency which, oddly, isn't even for use in World of Warships. It's for World of Tanks and World of Warplanes, where WoWs uses "doubloons" instead. I can't remember the exact exchange rate, but buying in larger quantities gets you better rates. IIRC, it's going to come in somewhere around 5-6 dollars or so? I did it sometime last year, but don't remember what it actually cost.

The whole 'my level 8 game' thing, yeah. That's stupid whining. There are certain brackets of ship tier where you can find yourself up against anything. Basically, you can be assigned to a match that's 2 up or 2 down from you. T10 will never see anything less than T8, but T8 might find themselves up against T6 through T10. This douche canoe was pissed that he wasn't getting to club Tier 6 baby seals, and instead was going to find himself up against some Tier 10 enemies.

That said, a Japanese destroyer, Tier 8 and higher, is a stealthy torpedo murder-factory. They are almost undetectable, and they will straight murder a Tier 10 battleship. Even most Tier 10 cruisers will have a hard time dealing with one, except for DES MOINES with the insane rate of fire. She and ATLANTA (at Tier 7) can just flood a volume of ocean with so much fire that the DD will have to time her jinking very, very well to get away.

Other Tier 8-9-10 destroyers from the American and Soviet tech trees are the best counters for them, and even then: you gotta be careful. If you get spotted first, you're going to find yourself off balance and pointed in the wrong direction to avoid a massive wall-o-torpedoes.

Italics and boldface went away with the shift to typepad.


I play both WoT and WoW,
I run into the problem of being the low tier player often.
It just teaches me to fight smarter, and every once in a while you get lucky.
Rusty, you know me as Slippery Jim on WoW.

I'm still trying to grind out my Cleveland


Rusty, that reminds me of the fights in Ironbottom Sound. It took a long time for many of our flag officers to learn respect for the Long Lance.

...Does WoW allow night actions? I recall the IJN trained hard for night fights, something which hurt us early on around Guadalcanal.

As for T8 vs T10, well... Whinger, yes. Ask him if he ever heard of Taffy 3? Or the AVG against Zeros? Or Wildcats against Zeros for that matter? The Thach Weave had at least some IJN pilots in a rage. ;)

...Or we could mention Buffalos against 109s, or Shermans against Tigers. Sheesh.

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