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When I attended my daughter's BCT graduation, since it was all about her, I went in civvies and didn't even shave. As we walked around their big complex we started to walk back on the same sidewalk that we had just come over by, some USAF BCT instructor starts bellowing words to the effect of "Hey, Airman, why are you coming through that sidewalk that I just put the closed sign up on" (which was facing the other way). It was all that I could do to not snatch this clown up and explain the little things to him. But I'll respect their role and not say anything.

Back on topic, what I saw of USAF BCT did not begin to resemble OSUT at Fort Benning circa 1986. Though I am extremely proud of my USAF/ANG daughter, this picture sums it up well.


Can't speak to Esli's critique as I haven't been on Lackland since my father retired in '71. It used to be a much harder place. It was actually harder than my son's BCT at Sill in '96.

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