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NaCly Dog

In 2014 a good friend of mine (a former F-105 crew chief during his paid for Thailand vacation tour) and I went to the Eisenhower Museum in Abilene Kansas.

Richard Cole was one of three speaker on his subsequent unit the 1st Air Commandoes (the US Burma campaign air support and transport air unit) to a special teacher's night at the Museum. He was lucid, grave, and funny, and had driven from Florida for the talk.

He flew off the USS Hornet, crashed in China, and finally ended up in Calcutta. There he flew 300 plus missions over the Hump, which defied the odds of survival just there. Then he joined the Air Commando Group and flew in Burma. His unit supported and protected the Chindits.

He had a deep well of funny stories about the unit, his commander Col. Philip Cochran, and even Lord Louis Mountbatten.

My friend and I asked good, tough questions on military topics like logistics, maintenance and discipline. The teachers all asked "How did you feel when …

He is a class act.

I'd follow him into combat.

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