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anonymous (for this one at least)

Regular reader and commenter here, but for this one I think I prefer anonymity.

As much as I would love to go back to active duty, I can't. There is a medication which I take every day which (a) has psychoactive effects, (b) the DEA will not allow me more than a 30 day supply of at a time, (c) requires monitoring by a psychiatrist, in order to adjust dosages as necessary.

I'm a normally functioning person, I just have ADD, and my medication for it blocks me from service. It's apparently too dangerous to my own health and to the service's readiness to allow me to serve again.

How is it any less of a risk to the transgender service member and the readiness of that unit / branch / whatever to have them away from their health care professional when it comes time to review their mental and physical status when it comes time to refill their hormone prescriptions? Those must be monitored, and they cause a far more dramatic effect on personality and mental state than the stimulants I take for ADD.

And now they're being invited and begged and courted to join up... and I. Can't. Serve. Anymore.


Oh, this is going to go well for these people when they get into an islam land.
Hope they are able to keep their helmets on during the fall.

Paul L. Quandt

"We’re eventually going to get into a fight with a near peer power, and get our asses kicked because we’re worried about diversity and inclusion, and they’re worried about how to kill us."

One can only hope that we will be given the time, as we were in 1932-1941, to get our act in gear.

Paul L. Quandt

SFC Dunlap 173d RVN



If I'm a fat E-6 with fifteen years TIS, guess what gender I'm going to be come APFT and weigh-in day?


Not to be too contrary, but take away the Anglosphere, EU, Russia, and China and who do you have left?

Not saying we'll never have conflict with the last two, but a land war with China is crazy, and I can't see how we would get into a ground conflict with Russia.

Offshore stuff with China I can see...

Just trying to anticipate, not nay-say.

Paul L. Quandt


Germany, once again. I, for one, am tired of having to militarily show those morons the errors of their ways. If they cannot pull their own heads out, perhaps we should divide Germany among its neighbors on a permanent basis.


NaCly Dog

Give it a few years and the uniform changes will be FABULOUS.

Too soon?

Diogenes of NJ

Is there no form of perversion that can qualify as sufficiently deviant as to be considered a mental disease?
What this country needs is armed forces comprised of mental defectives. It will compliment an administration repleat with mental defectives.



There will be plenty of perversions considered a mental disease. Owning a gun. Saying the Pledge of Allegiance. Believing in Free Speech. Not believing in Global Warming. Being a worshiping Christian. Criticizing the Great Socialist Provider. Or even disagreeing or having a different point of view than that which is authorized.

All these will be categorized as mental diseases, eventually resulting in loss of rights, punishment, incarceration, and even commitment to an institution.


This is what I hope to see (doubtful that it will happen though)

Transgendered can serve "openly" meaning it's not a bar to enlistment or reenlistment.

However the military continues to only officially recognize 2 sexes (male and female).

Whatever the DNA at MEPS says, that what you enlist as.

During duty hours and while on duty, you are required to conform to the standard for the sex that you enlisted as.

Gender disphora (or whatever the term is) is recognized as a pre-existing condition that does NOT qualify for treatment from the military healthcare system or Tri-Care.

It is NOT considered service connected and care from the VA post service is not authorized.

After duty hours, on your own time, let your freak flag fly.

Also the UCMJ needs to change. Since DADT has been repealed and trans are now allowed to serve, all morality based articles of the UCMJ must be repealed. No more adultery, no more sodomy, no more fraternization offenses.
If we're going to go full bore amoral, lets do it right.

I won't hold my breath.

And since it's DoD policy, maybe we'll get a SecDef who realizes that the function of the military is to break shit and kill people, not be inclusive and diverse. Or a Congress with the balls to realize that under the Constitution they have the power to "make laws governing the Armed Forces" (paraphrasing a bit).

I won't hold my breath for that either.

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