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LT Rusty

How dare those silly Britons not vote the way they're told? You'd almost think they believed themselves qualified to run their own affairs!


Frankly, I despise those who will tell me I'm a racist for wishing to preserve the country I was born and grew up in. Frankly, the word has lost its sting for me, and I will stand for my country whether the homegrown wogs like it or not. If people from Honduras, or Tanzania are so great, well, let's take up a collection and send you to live among them.

America is for Americans. Like it or not.


I was once called a nativist. Yep, that I am. I am not racist or anti-immigrant, I am pro-American, just as the British are evidently pro-British.

And, judging from the rhetoric and flags waved, Mexican-Americans are pro-Mexican. Fine with me, but do it in the correct country--Mexico. Remember that old saying, "When in Rome..."?

SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

Nicely put...can't add anything to this thread.


Once again, a hat tip to Elvis. The Costello type.

"London is full of Arabs."


A bunch of the Brexit vote seems to have sprung from the "Jug Eared Fool" showing up in Britain and announcing that Brexit votes would put Britain "At the back of the Queue", as far as trade and other arraignments.
Why that dumb SOB would intervene in another countries politics is known only to himself.
I think that if he would not have butted-in, "remain" would have carried the day.
What a putz...


As I observed when dissent grew all across Europe about unchecked immigration, it will get interesting. Hitherto tolerant Europeans would experience the same indignation many Americans do.

Seeing all these "nativists" (to use tim's phrase) takes I think some heat off of Trump and his followers.


Wow I think the pillar of the pub next to me have less humor than you.
So let me make my point ok guys ? Now the USA is the richest country in the world and it was a UK colony so this is COMPLETELY obvious that all of the american success is based on the English culture and that's why Quebec is a third world province I think Katrina struck Louisiane because it was a french colony : obvious, Bangladesh and Zimbabwe that doesn't count we are only responsible for the becoming of rich country.
And BTW Morocco is the only state with no coup since its independence and the leading palm goes to NIGERIA with SEVEN coup, congratulation that was not a UK colony like Morocco was.
BTW2 "As a general matter, I’m usually annoyed when foreigners comment on domestic American politics" THAT'S WHAT AMERICA IS DOING ALL DAY AND THAT'S WHAT YOU JUST WROTE.
How many degree do you have IF NOT IN IRONY ?
I can smell your superiority felling from here you have that in common with britons let's hope that like them this felling will make you fire a buckshot in your leg AGAIN, after Bush a new nobel price will make America more stupid again.


Don't know who you are, Byggvir, but your post is incoherent.


It *is* hard to decipher, QM...

I'm guessing English isn't his first language. That's or he's drunk. :)


Meh. No more incoherent than the stuff coming out of DC every day.

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