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Diogenes of NJ

Our enemies know that they don't have much time left. The mulatto jackanapes destruction of our country has gone about as far as the American people will allow. Push back on all fronts is imminent. There will be more such incidents. The Jihad plans to make this Ramalamadingdong a most memorable month. That will help motivate Americans in much the same way that Pearl Harbor brought WW II into focus.
Throw away the old playbook, those plays won't work anymore. Political correctness is on the way out (keep it up Sal). Establishment politicians and media won't get it either. For once in my life I can agree with Dylan - the times they are a changin'.
We hold a good hand - now it's time to play Trump.


" Neglecting to note, of course, that the two Boston Marathon terror bombers were the most Caucasian of men, actually being from the Caucasus."

That's racist.

(with a tip o' the hat to CinemaSins)



Phib is one of the weakest of allies. He's been in favor of most of the social engineering and PC in the military for a long time and refuses to see what he has supported because it's a part of his identity. As a result, he refuses to examine his premises.

To get past the PC, there's a lot that will have to go that Salamander loves.

Diogenes of NJ


Agreed. I read him, but I won't post over there for just that reason. His Thursday efforts are a step in the right direction however. I'll make allowances; he's a young man from where I see it.

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