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Paul L. Quandt

The entire current administration is an enemy of the U.S. Constitution. And should be treated accordingly.


Diogenes of NJ

Our Embassy Marines are not cannon fodder to be used at the whim of the Secretary of State. I would consider an order to enter a foreign country armed and not in uniform to be an illegal order. Special forces are an entirely different matter, as are CIA operations.

We can on longer rely on the integrity of individuals up the chain of command to accept the responsibility for their actions. When a few stars are placed on the table in these questionable circumstances, I may reconsider.


I seem to recall that not wearing a uniform would make them "unlawful combatants" in violation of the laws of war (such as they are) and without the protections of international law.


Unreal. Simply unreal.


Perhaps I am outdated, but to reinforce the stupidity of the whole conversation: FAST Marines are not selected, they are 03s that were assigned to FAST. They received no training in covert TTPs or plain clothes operations, they were simply Marine riflemen assigned to a rapid-response security guard unit. (If this is now wrong, please inform me.)

So talk of sending them in out-of-uniform is brazenly ignorant. They are fast-responding security guards, not Recon or MarSOC operators.

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