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NaCly Dog

XBradTC, I've been following your games in World of Warships. You explain things well.

It's visually stunning. The game looks like a lot of fun. I assume chat replaces TBS.

The upgraded technology look pretty ahistorical, not even to mention sister ships of the same class on both sides. For one thing, the hitting percentages is far above what actual contestants managed. You shoot better than well-trained crews with gun-laying radars.
And DC ability, especially Repair Five, is far in advance of what was possible. I wish my DC teams back in the day were as good.

I have a few questions.

1) Why are none of the time-tested divisional tactics used? I have not seen screens tied to the main ships, a line of battle, screen kilos, and corpens or turns for the entire task force.
2) Is there an ammo limit?
3) Do you lose turrets or is damage proportional?
4) Is it because this is a game of individuals, without a chain of command or SOPA?
5) Any coastal artillery on those islands you shoot over?
6) How big a time-suck is it to become as good as you are?
7) Are any historical battles possible?

Thanks for the vicarious enjoyment.


I'll take a crack at answering, hope you still check back.

1) The best games I've had are when the team works together, especially as a cruiser capt. When the team splits up and everyone is going for themselves its real easy to get focused and picked apart. I like ranked battles a lot because the teams coordinate better and the tactics play out more often.

2) There is no ammo limit but you get charged after the round for the ammo used, so it affects your bottom line.

3) Mostly things get temporarily disabled, like engines, turrets, steering, but I've also had turrets or AA defenses destroyed, where they are out for the rest of the match. You get charged for repairs after every match, so how much damage you take affects your bottom line as well.

4) Most games, especially lower tiers, are a game of individuals. The matchmaker mixes random players so you almost never get the same team for multiple matches. There are team battles where your team stay together, but I haven't had the chance to do that.

5) There's a new mode coming that's in a public test right now called Bastion for high tier matches. In this, there are radar stations and forts for capture that aid in seeing the enemy and shooting at them. I'm excited for this to be a regular feature.

6) The higher the tier, the faster you get punished for mistakes. At lower tier you can screw up a lot and come out on top. It's a fairly linear learning curve, as you earn higher ships you should have gotten more experience to be able to keep up. What I've found is to stick with one ship type at first to get really good, then try to branch out. I've being doing destroyers and have been ok, but I'm now trying out cruisers more often and have struggled a bit more.

7) Historical battles would be tough because the teams aren't the same. I think Wargaming.net would need to set that up specially if there were interest.

Hope it helps, let me know if you need more clarification.

NaCly Dog

Kitwar, thank you very much for your answers. It appears my bandwidth (from rural broadband) is too low for me to play with others, which is most of the fun.

It's a very appealing game system. Maybe the town's library systems can be used. Hmm.

Back in the day I played naval miniatures at the early Origins and won a number of painted 1200 scale ships for my playing ability. I also did CA, Midway and USN, just for fun.

LT Rusty

A few more amplifications to Kitwar's answers, NaCly-

1. Lot of factors there, but Comms and time management are the biggest ones.

Communications are not the simplest thing in the world. There are no voice comms built in to the game (although guys that regularly play in a division will usually have some outside server set up. We - by which I mean our host, myself, mushdogs, some of the other commenters - have a voice server setup. Without that, you're typing commands back and forth, and it's next to impossible to do that while you're doing everything else.

Time management is a whole separate thing. First off, while time itself may run at a 1:1 rate between game and the real world, but while your ship may be going 32 knots according to the instrumentation on screen, it's probably somewhere around 2:1 or even 3:1, just to make the action happen quicker.

Also, you're doing *everything*. You're the helmsman, you're the lookouts, you're operating the main battery directors, you're ordering damage control crews out, you're the navigator, etc. There's no way in hell that you've got enough time to figure out moboards and solutions. Your best bet is to call out a target and hope someone else has the free time to hit him and help you out.

(That said, Brad and I had a fight the other day where we did pretty well in a division with USS TEXAS, and a third guy fell in line astern of us. We kept a pretty solid line of battle, all three working the same targets, and we smashed everything that came at us.)

6. Right now there are, I think, 11 tech trees out there for different classes of ships and different nations. I've hit Tier 10 for 4 of them, and I'm at Tier 9 for a fifth. This represents probably close to 300 hours of gameplay since September or so, at a guess. Is it a waste of my time? Well, I could be doing something productive, I'm sure. I've got enough hobbies that make me money, and it wouldn't suck to make more. But... all work and no play, etc., and it's not like I'm watching TV all day long or going out to the bars. So, I'm okay with it.

NaCly Dog

Thank you, Lt Rusty. All of this is most helpful.

It's like any other game. There is a learning curve, and fast multi-tasking actions or a good tech path leads to wins. My experience with big games is with Marathon and Fallout I and II, so I'm out of date. One additional complication is I'm exclusively a Mac user.

I wish I had the time and bandwidth to game. I have a whole lot of husband points I can cash out.

We do need that work / play balance. I agree, games are a lot better than TV or {{shudder}} today's bar scenes.

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