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I wouldn't say I went charging into that smokescreen. Blundered would be a more apt description. I was paying more attention to that Chester than I should have.
Situational awareness, people. Situational awareness.


The second Chester's engines were damaged at the end and he couldn't move. You can tell that by the fire/smoke seen on the funnels.


The St Louis is a guilty pleasure. Slow, sluggish (Heck-had a Kongo run me down once just to ram) but boy can it throw out the lead.

LT Rusty

So, you guys popping up in here with the obvious knowledge of what's going on in the game ... why aren't you popping up in divisions with us, too?

our host is XBradTC in-game, and i'm LT_Rusty_SWO. Send either of us a note or a division invite and we'll get you into the voice server and go kill some stuff!

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