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Paul L. Quandt

As I have stated before: I don't think that there will be a coup so much as a civil war. Especially if a certain political party does not win the election in November.

Paul L. Quandt

CT II Raven

I believe it has already happened

NaCly Dog

A interesting read. I believe that personal animosities between political philosophies are past points where the English in their Civil War and our own Civil War started.

We know that there is ruptures within families, where politics must not be uttered to keep the peace. Additional, the Left has a burgeoning Religion of the State, so to disagree with the Leftist dogma panoply is to make one a heretic. This is not healthy for a formally high-trust society.

There is a correlation of forces under DHS and the DHS contractors moving illegals around the country into small towns and conservative areas, as cancer cells waiting to metastasize. These seem to operate outside the Constitution.

Add on that the SWAT teams of DOJ (separate from the FBI) EPA, Department of Education, HUD, the National Weather Service, et. al. and you can have a potent force for bad actions.

Additional factors are:
MAIM (Mainstream Agit-Prop and Indoctrination Media) gives the bad actors cover,
some courts are post-Constitutional,
some Attorneys General want to suppress "climate deniers",
and most citizens are conditioned to be passive as long as Candy Crush, Facebook, and Food Stamps / EFT are operating.

All this is cause for watchful waiting, and perhaps some local operational planning.


When the "military coup" comes, it won't be conducted by the military. It will, instead, be conducted by all these Federal agencies that have been accumulating SWAT teams and firepower for the last several decades under all our administrations.

The military will never leave its barracks, and we'll see what amounts to a coup conducted by the unelected bureaucracy. Hell, when you start to think about it, we've already had one of these, when the FBI apparatchiks who were displeased at Richard Nixon bringing in an outsider to take Hoover's place decided to do an infodump on Woodward and Bernstein.

Don't worry about the military. The higher-ups are fully suborned, and the lower-rung military members will never be given the orders that would make them mutiny. Instead, groups like the FBI HRT (anyone remember Lon Horiuchi?) will do the job for their masters. And, it will be a slow-motion, boil-the-frog sort of affair. There will be a long series of usurpations and restrictions, and hey! Presto, we'll awaken in a totalitarian wonderland. Ever wonder why these Progressive assholes have been all up in arms over drugs, alcohol, and obscenity since the 1890s? Training the citizenry to be subjects, my friends. Conditioning and training.


And while those Bureaucratic SWAT (BS) teams are performing their missions, who is watching their home fronts? The gun registration laws in NY and CT have shown that sufficient numbers of Americans will not surrender their arms. It won't be a branch of the Government or Military to initiate a coup. It will be the American populace in Civil War. The BS forces are not sufficient in number to stifle a civil war. The objective of a civil war would not be to overthrow the government, but to sufficiently erode the numbers that support tyranny.

Paul L. Quandt

John ( who posted at 01:13 hrs yesterday ):

One can only hope.



The paramilitary forces in the various alphabet agencies are more likely to try a putsch than the Military is. Were that to happen, I think there area lot of men in this country that will say "hell no you don't" and a bunch of bureaucrats will die. It's more likely to look like the Battle of Athens than anything else.

In a civil war, a bunch of the military's bureaucrats are also likely to die. That would include the Joint Chiefs of Staff who are completely suborned and utterly worthless. The country will not survive it either.

I expect the country to break apart along the lines we see today. The Confederacy will make a come back, but may include Ohio and Indiana, perhaps even many of the western and Plains states.

in the final analysis, my outcome is speculation based on my observations. I think bad things are coming, and the USA will not survive those bad things.

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