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Tim Dillon

Drop Zone Sicily


Where are all the people to unpack and drive the vehicles back to town?


I landed at the very end of Sicily one day. Long jog back!


Go Pros are nice,aren't they?

Did anyone ever hear about what happened during the infamous crash & burn drop?


Where are all the people to unpack and drive the vehicles back to town?

Good question. You always drop equipment first, then troops. So, they may jump from a second aircraft later on.

Or, the Army might have a team standing by at DZ Sicily to recover the vehicles.

Casey, no, I haven't heard what happened, but then, I haven't really gone looking.

LT Rusty

Yeah, you always want to drop the heavy & hard things first, and the soft & squishy things last.


Or you drop the heavy things offset from the light things at roughly the same time (broadly speaking; not too many aircraft in the same piece of sky).

SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

I'm sure these went well with the myopic supervision that went on. Some personnel back on the floor instead of slurping coffee is my guess. Recovery for HD is labor intensive involving flatbed trucks , forklifts (tactical), lots of arms and finally muck oversight so no one gets a 250 lb. cargo canopy fall on someone. Lots of labor undone in mere seconds. There is free drop but that's another story.


Nice video. Goes well with that one about Rigger School you ran a couple of months ago.

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