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ron snyder

I'm still sore from all the bombs we had to put together for the BUFFS. It was a hectic time.

SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

It is said that the thing that made BUFF missions so bad for the NVA was it would be quiet in tha jungle and then in an instant the world blows up.

ron snyder

That was very interesting. Easy to understand why radio discipline is so important. What an empty feeling it must me to know that some of your friends are shot down.


We were off the coast on the USS Ranger CVA-61, VA-25, and VA-113, both A7Es, out of NAS Lemoore, at the time. This would lead up to the signing of the end of the war. 27th January 1973. It started on December 18, 1972, day of my birth day.
Lots of people never made it out of nam.
I was one of the lucky ones to have make it out.

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