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I can envision Eric Holder in his living room watching CNN, standing up in his boxers with a big grin on his face and cheering for what his big lie and Ferguson agitation has accomplished.


To be fair, they had no idea what Sterlings past (which you've exaggerated) was when they were trying to cuff him.

That's not to mention two cops had him down on the ground. True, he was struggling, but there's no evidence he was going for the gun.

You forgot to mention Philando Castile, Walter Scott, or John Crawford. Are they all aspects of Obama's deliberate war of provocation?

Diogenes of NJ

The mulatto jackanapes will not go quietly. The plan is to force our hand before it is over. There will be regrets on all sides. My desire is to see to it that the preponderance of regrets fall on the side of the enemy.


Swiped from comments this morning on the Drudge site regarding the Dallas Police Shootings...

"For the love of God, please don't let the #FBI investigate this crime. I doubt they would be able to prove intent."

Dallas is essentially my hometown, I even have friends on the force. Still coming to grips that it happened there.


Come on, Casey.

Sterling was a multiple felon, child molester, convicted of domestic battery, charged with B&E and aggravated battery, buglary, charged twice more with battery, and was popped for possession of ecstasy.

I forgot to mention nothing. If is all a deliberate war of provocation. With a push toward disarming the law-abiding and inciting a race and class war. Pay attention.

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