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Good point. I also find the photo for this article (http://www.foxnews.com/world/2016/07/17/turkey-rounds-up-52-military-seeks-to-detain-53-judges.html) supremely ironic-- Erdogan condemns coup by disaffected army officers where the picture of Ataturk looks down on him.

ron snyder

A depressing thought URR. BHO has taken many steps to weaken our military. BHO and HRC have made numerous statements on their desire to Federalize local and State police. I do not trust Federal LEO's, but I do still hope that our military would in the end be faithful to America and not to BHO. We've many months left of BHO's reign, who know what will happen between now and then?


I'm of the opinion that Erdogan probably staged the coup. The coup was incompetently carried out (if you're going to kill the King, you'd better kill the King!) It looks one of the most poorly planned coups I've seen in my 61 years, and all properly planned coups begin with two things,

1. Capture of the head of state who controls the military
2. Capture of all lines of communication.

Neither of those things were done. Even the Colonels know better than this.


I generally avoid the conspiracist tripe, but I did wonder about this coup.

The Turkish Army is known for its no-nonsense attitude, and it seemed very odd that Erdogan would ask the people to take to the streets; oddly confident. It looked more like a call to suicide from over here.

QM is correct about the incompetence of the plotters.

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