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Exactly. This was it for me. We are done. There is no longer rule of law in this country and it was blatantly announced the day after we celebrated our independence. An extra kick in the teeth right there.

To hell with all of them.


I believe URR provided a couple of statutes some time ago which said that "gross negligence" was the only requirement for felony prosecution for mishandling classified information. It is somewhat difficult for me to believe that NOBODY was indictable. My only hope is that there is still another shoe to drop.

Paul L. Quandt


Don't bet anything you would care to lose on another shoe dropping.

Paul L. Quandt


I've witnessed otherwise good engineer's careers destroyed because of careless corner cutting on security.



And yet my career would be done.

It will also be very difficult to hold anyone else accountable for security violations in future.

I particularly love how the FBI says she was messed up but dismisses it because it wasn't her intent. Her act was illegal regardless of her intent. I can't wait to use that in my own defense one day and see how far it flies.

Diogenes of NJ

When the establishment dispenses with the rule of law, they also dispense with whatever protection they were afforded by the aforementioned. They are a but tiny minority - vastly outnumbered by the population. The day approaches when they will be loaded onto the carts and paraded thru the streets on the way to the appointment with their destiny.


Madame de Farge contines to knit patiently...

Diogenes of NJ

I meant to say tumbrels instead of carts, but a wise man has fathomed my meaning.

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