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Barry Jones

One of the guys I went to college with was commissioned into FA and after FAOBC was selected for Pershing Missile school. He said he went from "left 200, add 100" to "Left Czechoslovakia, Add East Germany" - it made your whole perspective different!

Diogenes of NJ

As most of you know, the Clinton administration made supposedly obsolete MaRV technology available to China. Two decades later we are confronting the DF-21 ASBM.


One of my favorite SRBM is Lance (MGM-52). Had the balloon gone up back in the '70s, the USA would have fried Ivan in his tanks with the W70-3 (neutron bomb)as they were streaming thru the Fulda Gap.



You give us one link referring to the Dong Feng from 7 years ago, then a link to an obsolete US Army launch system, and viola, you prove it wsa all the Clinton's fault!!.

Really? Have any real proof?

I don't suppose it's at all possible that the Chinese managed to develop their own version of 1960s or even 1980s tech? Especially given that Iran owned Lance missiles?

LT Rusty

W70-3 didn't show up until the 1980's.

Diogenes of NJ

@Casey - troll somewhere else - or continue to waste your time here and make a fool out of yourself.

@LT Rusty - could really use some of those W70-3 about now.


Casey is not a troll.
And only I get to tell people to go away.


Back when I went to the E5 board, we had to spell sergeant...

Great, and highly informative, post. Too many different thoughts to scroll back through so I will only say that I'm amazed that the reduced CEP would enable that big a reduction in yield of the warhead. Well, I will also make the obligatory comment about Europeans footing the bill for their own defense and the hypocrisy of them living under our umbrella and complaining about it while being thoroughly manipulated.


My first girlfriends dad wrote code for the Deuce.

Joey Jo Jo Jr.

As an aside, the M656-series 5-ton 8x8 trucks that carried the later Pershing series are very interesting, if you're into military vehicles. They were used almost exclusively just for this weapons system, and were a very sophisticated truck for their era: Fully-amphibious, aluminum bodies, cab-over configuration, 8x8, automatic transmissions, special suspensions, etc...and very few survive, today.

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