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Yeah, but you suspend the forfeiture of pay.... Hurts more if they screw up again and they know that they cost themselves the money. And even better if they don't screw up and keep it. I was never one to take much money. Mainly just time. For company grades, it was spent in the back of the company cleaning machine gun barrels and rifle magazines. Ouch.

Skip Perry

I remember the NJP I had a a enlisted guy....when the Bn Co suspended everything, I was on the straight and narrow......for a little while....I have taken pay and put Marines on restrictions, but you have to weigh a lot before you do. Never knew what it was like until you have a married Marine in front and you really want to crush him , but you have to take the family into consideration. You can't punish the family because the Marine is an idiot....lesson learned.....

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