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CT II Raven

IMO needed to fly more of a mil crest, left himself open to various threats by spending way too much time over open valley

Tim Dillon

Reminds me of what I experienced seeing up in the Kern River Gorge last year. My wife and I were campground hosts at Quaking Aspen. We would hike up to Dome Rock and watch the fly boys in the canyon. Saw on BUFF coming up the canyon below us, pretty amazing. This C-17 footage makes me think they could use the MOOSE on forest fires, wow.

NaCly Dog

For more fun look at the you tube videos using search terms Jedi Transition, Star Wars Canyon, or Rainbow Canyon.

You can tell who the good sticks are. Look like a lot of F-18 E/F and some F-16s.

CT II Raven

Youtube Mach Loop
Some really great footage of lawn darts and other aircraft converting JP 8 to noise and speed around S/W Wales

If all works out sometime early next year I'll be working the opposite corner of Wales
Go dragons!


Here in the Snowbird MOA I've seen mostly C-130s on the low level route. Occasionally see Blackhawks. None of the big transports, so far.

SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

NOE rules!

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