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Captain Ned

Yet one more reason to commend Truman for the guts it took to make that decision.

Paul L. Quandt

Captain Ned:

You mean the decision which meant that there are still Japanese people today?

Paul L. Quandt

SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

Italian tanks of WWII were pretty bad examples of a tank as well.


Interesting little piece.

How do they know the penetration ability of the Type 3? Were those theoretical calculations, or did they have a chance to actually fire on a captured Sherman?


...Also just occurred to me: did the Japanese have the equivalent of a bazooka? I know the Germans came up with a much improved Panzerfaust after capturing the American version...



The Japanese tested their Type 3 main gun much the way we tested ours at Aberdeen and other places. There are pen tables I looked at yesterday and I don't have at the tip of my fingers, but they are pretty definitive.

The Japanese, to my knowledge, never produced anything close to the 2.75" Bazooka, or the Panzerfaust/Panzershreck. They used satchel charges and suicide troops until the last days of the war.


URR, we also tested a lot of enemy equipment that fell into our hands at the end of the war.

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