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ron snyder

Both brought to you by Lockheed. F-35 and LCS are the two biggest cash cows for LM.


To be fair, LM is only at fault for half of the LCS.

CT II Raven

You will not hear me trash the F-35

Seems my near term future income depends on it being successful
OF course, the more it breaks, the more work for me


When I was aboard the Courtney, the ship was older than 80%+ of the Officers and crew. The ship, while the keel was buckling just forward of the superstructure, was still reliable. I would hate to be a crewman aboard the comedy of errors called LCS.


"My readers always bitch about the F-35 program, but the LCS fiasco is the real crime."

some of us bitch about both. We're multitaskers (just like the LCS?).

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