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Those are the Aircraft I grew up with!

SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

Yup, same here. Silver C-130's, long way back!!

Captain Ned

I always love that warbly trumpet fanfare. Makes me think they ran it through a 16mm projector twice before recording it.

Captain Ned

Oh, and another thought. Who lasts longer? BUFF or Herky-Bird?


Ned, it would depend on what standard you want to use. The newest BUFF is from the early 60s. The newest Herky bird is fairly recent. Or, do you want to base it on service of the basic airframe without regard to the age of the model?

I think the basic airframe will outlast the BUFF, while, I think, the BUFF has already outlasted the early models of the Herky Bird in US service.

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