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I love these old movies (not videos). Rotary phones, manual typewriters, less exacting hygienic and safety standards, Mom too busy baking cookies and cleaning house to go on a "family" trip. Ah, the Good Old Days. Back when those "Jobs Americans Won't Do" were done by Americans.

And I love some of the dialog;
"ingredient meat for SPAM', "disassembly" of carcasses, "the meat trimmings are saved for other products".

They were a hardier breed back then, I guess. Seems like a great recruiting tool for vegetarianism. Taking impressionable young kids to a meat packing plant would probably be seen as child abuse these days.

Very educational in a number of ways.


I notice that "Dad" lost his hat, late in the tour.
Probably ended-up in the emulsifier for the "skinless franks", along with other things...


Dinty Moore is quite tasty, and I use their beanless chili as a base for chili cheese fries.

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