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SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

Wow, the C-9 canopies opened thou not by much. Incredible footage!


I'm sure that the shooter's FITREP suffered.


Lt. Kevin Colling was the pilot, he was pissed the RIO ejected them.

Lt. Colling was lost in an accident while flying with the Blue Angels



Looks like one of those seats didn't really achieve zero/zero performance. Lucky for both that they were at flight deck level, not on the flight line.

Once more, I view an aviation incident and I'm happy to stay on the ground in my tank.



I thought that only the nose gunner could eject both crewmen - if the RIO ejected himself it didn't impact the pilot's seat. Is that incorrect?

Or did Colling see/hear/feel the RIO going, and decided not to be lonely but still pissed?



Pilot, pulls, both go. There is a mode for the RIO to go by himself. But the canopy has to go first. MCO was selected which either one pulls both go. It's all over in .7 seconds if memory serves.

Colling knew the nose wheel was going in the catwalk. The plane had phoenix rails on it, so that would help stop the jet.

May he RIP. He was good enough to make the Blues.


"I'm happy to stay on the ground in my tank."

I'm with Willie (Joe?).


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