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I belive the debacle off the Eastern seaboard was the "Second Happy Time"

The first Happy Time was in 1940-1941

Scott Hanson

"Interestingly, for all the combat these hardy little ships saw, what the subchasers didn’t do in any great numbers was sink submarines. Only one PC was credited with sinking a U-Boat, and no SCs scored a confirmed kill."

PC-565 sank U-521 on 02JUN43.
This is probably the one sinking you mentioned.

But there is a second.
Long denied by historical records and the US Navy... a Wreck Mapping survey recently found proof that a sinking claim denied was in actuality, true.

PC-566 sank U-166 near the mouth of the Mississippi river.

Navy officials denied the PC crew could have done so as they had yet to receive any training on ASW tactics. Credit was given to an aircraft that attacked a sub in the same general location a few days later.

Turns out there were several subs in the area and the sub the aircraft attacked was only damaged. U-166 was in fact sunk right where the PC-156 crew claimed it was, and the damage to the wreck confirms the cause.


John in Philly

Years ago I read, "The Splinter Fleet," by Ray Millholland.

He writes of his service on a WWI subchaser. Good read.


My dad sailed the North Atlantic on one, and commanded another during the Pacific island hopping campaign. I'll be sharing a link to your page over on FB.




They may have sunk only one sub, but they accomplished their mission. Their mere presence inflicted a "mission kill" on the U-Boats.

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