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Great post Art!

virgil xenophon

I dunno whether this is in the regs or was just field/command SOP in granting the award, but I thought one had to have blood drawn in order to qualify for the award. I say this because by Father's jeep hit a land mine in Germany, killed his driver, severely wounded his radio operator and 50 cal gunner and threw him out of the jeep with a severe concussion. But the award was denied for him as his ear-drums weren't pierced and no blood was drawn tho the wound required a lengthy stay in a field hospital.

At first my Dad said he was mildly pissed about not getting the award for what he thought was a valid combat wound, but then thought of his dead driver and the radio operator whose face was permanently disfigured when he was thrown into the radio and he said that "considering the alternative" he'd take a pass. lol

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