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John in Philly

Well worth watching. Thanks.
I was going to whine about ignoring the snipes, then I realized that 26 minutes of staring at gauges would be rather boring.
Boring is what you want in the engineering spaces, because not boring is bad.

LT Rusty

Boring is good. Boring is wonderful. Learn to embrace the boring.

Forget the internets, John wins +1000 *realities* today.

John in Philly

Not boring is when the Chief Engineer slides down the ladder into Main Engine Control and with his eyes as big as saucers says, "Drag the boilers off the line if you have to but keep going astern!"
Seems the OOD had neglected to factor in inertia when we were approaching the pier. Good thing the wooden pier was kind of flexible, so to speak.


Didn't know Bainbridge was a Frigate. 8-)

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